Finish the Race and Win

It’s time for everyone to finish the race of FAITH and win! In a time and age when it’s so easy to quit, God is anticipating for all His children to pace themselves and… { read more }

January 29, 2017

The Just Shall Live by Faith

During my personal devotional time, I read this verse in Habakkuk 2:4, “…But the just shall live by his faith,” I wondered how many are really the just in today’s generation? With so much… { read more }

December 11, 2016

God Delights in Mercy

During my personal, devotional time, I discovered how God delights in mercy (Micah 7:18). This means He doesn’t delight in anger nor does He stay angry. Some are tormented with the thought God hates… { read more }

December 9, 2016