Bible Study

Bible Study

John the Baptist

Servanthood runs in the lineage of John the Baptistꟷ a son of Aaron. I noticed a pattern about God’s servants…Without Eli, there’s no Samuel and without Elijah the prophet, there’s no Elisha. This order… { read more }

March 24, 2017
Bible Study

Queen Esther and Purim

This month we celebrate Queen Esther and Purim! It all began when King Ahasuerus removed Vashti as queen of Persia and chose new candidates from one hundred twenty-seven provinces. Esther was one of the candidates… { read more }

March 2, 2017
Bible Study

Absalom – A King’s Son

Absalom was the son of King David. He was a very handsome man, charming to behold but he made many mistakes after his half-brother, Amnon, raped his sister Tamar. Absalom murdered Amnon for his… { read more }

February 21, 2017
Bible Study

Tamar Daughter of King David

Tamar was the most remembered daughter of King David. She wasn’t necessarily well-known because of valiant deeds but she was often seen in the King’s court. Tamar is famous for the horrible act done… { read more }

January 29, 2017