The Son of David

Jesus is known as the King of Kings, the Good Shepherd, the Son of God, the Lamb of God, the Prince of Peace and the Son of David. To understand His title for being… { read more }

February 24, 2017

Jesus is the Son of God

Billions of people across the globe are still arguing within themselves and question if Jesus is the Son of God. After years of learning Jesus was only a prophetꟷ a good man, and not… { read more }

February 23, 2017

God Heals Today

Many question if God heals today. Some are confused with believing it was His idea to make them sick while others pray for healing every day. According to the bible, God is always able… { read more }

February 22, 2017

The Day Jesus was Rejected

To help overcome rejection, we will examine the day Jesus was rejected. If you find yourself being replaced or overlooked because of someone who lacks integrity and uniqueness, you are not alone. I remember… { read more }

February 21, 2017

When Shall You Pray?

The question the Father has for millions of people is…When shall you pray? He gets it and understands many of you juggle family, work, and social events, but it’s time you include God in… { read more }

February 21, 2017

Call 911 Jesus

In case of an emergency, do you call 911 Jesus? I know and understand how so many people will call friends and family for help. I’ve made this mistake, more than once, only to… { read more }

February 20, 2017

Jesus and the Psalms

Throughout the bible there are images and revelations of Jesus, especially in the Psalms. Most individuals use the New Testament as the only point of reference on the Messiah. You will discover amazing truths… { read more }

February 18, 2017